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Welcome to the Fellowship of the Ring Guild page!  If anyone has a better name to incorporate both Fellowships, I'd be happy to change it.

I thought I could use this site to index all the links that I have found useful and to put some of my own knowledge into it, also.

Name of the game is fun for me!  I play DDO to get away from the rigors and stresses of daily life.  The last thing I want is real life garbage in my fantasy realm.  When the game quits being fun, I'm going to find a new one that is.  I hope that you all share the same philosophy.

Victory in House Deneith

Glannan, Mar 12, 10 10:09 AM.
Yargsmoot, Grannat and Bulwhork routed a den of thieves in the Anvilfire Inn last night - easily defeating the Bounty Hunter.  

More importantly, and most impressively, they organized a band of intrepid heroes to tackle Stormreach on L33T!!!   And, it was an easy, almost too easy, flawless victory.  All goals were attained and the xp and loot rewards were very good.
What was even more impressive was that the Favored Soul healer BIGBASS was stoned out of his mind.  It was all I could do not to ask him if he had wheels!.....

So, Stromvauld's mine and the Bounty Hunter are set up for Elite runs.   We had thoughts of tackling THE PIT but did not want to deprive Munungol and Valdhur of the pure joy that is that quest.

Itinerary for Thurs, 3/11/10 (sans Fragarach)?

Thorvald Trueclot, Mar 8, 10 11:55 AM.
Wondering what, if anything, is on the agenda for this week? We still won't have Dave involved, but may be able to get some XP for the dwarves. Three intrepid adventurers avenged the drow's dastardly violence last night as docummented by Glannan. I'm sure a nearby ring of rogues thinks they're well-defended in their multi-trapped complex, but removingly them forcibly might well be next? Of course, without +20% XP, a return to the desert sands might be fun as well (although I tend to find quests significantly more exciting/rewarding). Will everyone or anyone be on?

Murders avenged!!

Glannan, Mar 8, 10 10:14 AM.
Bulwhork, Yargsmoot and Grannat descended into Stromvauld's mine last night and found the decaying corpses of 10 dwarven engineeers.   2 hired hands accompanied us but were of little use in fighting the drow invaders.  In fact, the drow wizard that was on our side was better off left dead.  The 3 dwarven heroes were victorious in their fight vs the vile race and all is not set aright with Lord Stromvauld.   Turns out he is a miserly lord and the loot reward was severely lacking.
However, Bulwhork was able to gain enough fighting experience to advance in his learning of the monk class.

New quests / adventure in House Deneith? Could this be update 4?

Glannan, Feb 26, 10 12:53 PM.
Something big is brewing in House Deneith. In the courtyard just inside the entrance, forces are marshaling and preparing for an offensive engagement. The drill masters say that the troops will be marching in just a few hours, and will reach the enemy in a few weeks - the worst enemy they've ever faced. The entire ward has been heavily fortified with ballistas on the walls and vigilant guards.

Yet, if you poke around in the hidden areas of the ward, you will find some shadowy characters. A drow behind an underwater tunnel, a dark prophet in an obscure corner. They seem to be infiltrating House Deneith and intent on subverting the house.

Everything seems to be pointing to something big, something ominous. What do you suppose is coming?

There is a new story arc mentioned called the Sentinels of Stormreach where the Bloodtide Pirates are the target......

1 million new DDO players.....

Glannan, Feb 26, 10 11:52 AM.
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